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An on-going, ever changing timeline of the events in the Lost Experience. Feel free to suggest additions or corrections to this timeline.

Entries in RED need to be confirmed. Entries underlined are links.

Jamaster and I worked out a Lost Grand Theory based on this Timeline. Check out the Lost Grand Theory Blog!

SEPTEMBER 25, 2006: Alvar Hanso releases a statement on The Hanso Foundation website. It is hacked by Thomas W. Mittelwerk (click on "humanity" in third paragraph).
SEPTEMBER 24, 2006: Rachel Blake posts her final video from Narvik, Norway.
SEPTEMBER 24, 2006: Rachel Blake calls in to the final DJ Dan Live Podcast.
SEPTEMBER 21, 2006: Chat between OpenersHep (Rachel) and wtkFleet35 (the person who has kidnapped William T. Kirkpatrick.
SEPTEMBER 20, 2006: William T. Kirkpatrick (Jeep executive) gets kidnapped from Potbelly's in Troy, Michigan.
SEPTEMBER 8, 2006: The final fragment of the Sri Lanka Video is found. The video includes a 1975 Orientation Video narrated by Alvar Hanso.
AUGUST 22, 2006: Apollo Candy adds UK Distribution.
AUGUST 22, 2006: Rachel Blake letter sent out. She tells us something big is about to happen and points us to Apollo candy.
AUGUST 11, 2006: As promised, DJDan LIVE podcast airs with little to no problems! Click here for recorded download of the show (Warning: Can take long time!
AUGUST 11, 2006: Apollocandy site updates with dates and locations for distribution of free bars!
AUGUST 8, 2006: Apollo candy website went live, hosted on the same server as PER LOSTPEDIA, The URL was found on a full page Apollo Candy advert on the back on the Official UK Lost Magazine.
AUGUST 2, 2006: First announcement of DJDan is going to go live on August 11th podcast.
JULY 26, 2006: EW Interview with Rachel Blake
JULY 22, 2006: Rachel Blake confronts LOST Panel at ComicCon in San Diego, California. (courtesy of Stelven)
JULY 19, 2006: The Hanso Foundation commercial with Thomas Mittelwerk on DJ Dan site regarding the Mathematical Forecast Initiative.
JULY 19, 2006: The Hanso Foundaton commercial with Thomas Mittelwerk on DJ Dan site regarding the Life Extension Project.
JULY 15, 2006: Rachel Blake in Sri Lanka. (Per her Blog Post dated July 21, 2006)
JULY 14, 2006: Thomas Mittelwerk appears in a Verizon Broadband video. (Click on the white Hanso Foundation square).
JULY 14, 2006: Part 1: Video showing Rachel Blake in Paris. Hugh McIntyre and Darla Taft (from the GWC) are dead. Rachel is being shot at.
Part 2: Video showing Rachel Blake being rescued by "Ironman".
Part 3: Rachel Blake video where "Tech Support Guy" (formerly Ironman) explains himself .
Part 4: Rachel Blake video in Hugh and Darla's flat. DVD of Gidgetgirl.
JULY 14, 2006: Rachel Blake posts on her "European Trip" Blog @ 5:13 pm. She's in Paris, France.
JULY 12, 2006: Television commercial with Thomas Mittelwerk on ABC. He says that the Hanso Foundation welcomes "spirited debate". (Note: Added to The Hanso Foundation "shutdown" site on July 17, 2006.)
JULY 12, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Italy Post #06. She gets a phone call from GidgetGirl.
JULY 10, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Italy Post #05. She explains her silence for the last 4 days and that she's been hacked. She doesn't know what to do next.
JULY 10, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Topic: Where's Alvar? (Lots of LOST references.)
JULY 6, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Italy Post #04. She puts up photos of a vessel called "Helgus Antonius".
JULY 5, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Talks about cults.
JULY 5, 2006: Audio recorded by Rachel Blake of a conversation with Nurse "Sophia" from The Alvar Hanso Center for Advanced Medical Services. The Nurse gave Mittelwerk a blood transfusion and injections/vaccinations.
JULY 5, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Italy Post #03 She follows Mittelwerk to Sanremo Mercy Memorial Hospital.
JULY 4, 2006: Audio recorded by Rachel Blake of Thomas Mittelwerk, Peter Thompson and unidentified woman on the beach in Sanremo, Italy. They discuss the Valenzetti Equation.
JULY 4, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Italy Post #02.
JULY 3, 2006: Rachel Blake Video - Sanremo, Italy Post #001. Spying on Mittelwerk, Thompson, McIntyre and three executives from the Global Welfare Consortium. Are they going to meet up with Enzo Valenzetti?
JULY 3, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Italy Post #01 @ 4:20 pm.
JULY 3, 2006: Rachel Blake posts on her "European Trip" Blog @ 1:00 pm. She's in Sanremo, Italy.
JUNE 30, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Iceland Post #03. Armand Zander is missing. Mittelwerk in Sanremo, Italy (where Valenzetti is from). GidgetGirl says the Valenzetti Equation is very important to Mittelwerk. Rachel Blake admits she is Persephone. (Click on Archives.)
JUNE 30, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Caller talks about Enzo Valenzetti and his Equation. Rachel (as Persephone) calls in regarding what's going on at the Vik Institute.
JUNE 29, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Iceland Post #02 Dr. Zander emails her an image of the hieroglyphics. (Click on Archives.)
JUNE 28, 2006: Rachel Blake Video: Post 01 - Vik, Iceland. She meets with Dr. Armand Zander.
JUNE 28, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Iceland Post #01 @ 5:46pm. (Click on Archives.)
JUNE 28, 2006: Rachel Blake posts on her "European Trip" Blog @ 12:35pm. She's in Reykjavik, Iceland.
JUNE 27, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Copenhagen Post #07. She's off to Iceland. (Click on Archives.)
JUNE 26, 2006: Memo from TM (Thomas Mittelwerk) regarding the Spider Protocol.
JUNE 26, 2006: AP news article about a fire at the Vik Institute, Iceland.
JUNE 26, 2006: Rachel Blake video. Mittelwerk's bodyguard enters her hotel room, she knocks him out and she's on the run.
JUNE 26, 2006: Rachel Blake Blog - Copenhagen Post #06. (Click on Archives.)
JUNE 26, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Talks about Rachel Blake bringing down The Hanso Foundation.
JUNE 23, 2006: Rachel Blake video. Going undercover, she "bumps" into Mittlewerk and captures an image of an island!
JUNE 22, 2006: Taped conversation between Mittelwerk and Minsu (who works for Mr. Paik) regarding when a special ship will be ready. Recorded in Korean. (Per Rachel Blake blog - Copenhagn Post #04. Click on Archives.)
JUNE 21, 2006: The Hanso Foundation named partner in World Health by the GWC.
JUNE 21, 2006: Hugh McIntyre seen by Rachel Blake "alley-catting" around Copenhagen with Corporate Liason of Global Welfare Consortium. (per Rachel Blake Blog - Copenhagen Post #3. Click on Archives.)
JUNE 21, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Talks about Life Extension.
JUNE 20, 2006: Thomas Mittlewerk spends 8 hours in the Archive Building of Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants (per Rachel Blake Blog - Copenhagen Post #2. Click on Archives).
JUNE 19, 2006: The Hanso Foundation website shuts down.
JUNE 19, 2006: Video from Jeep Channel. Disguised male apologizes.
JUNE 16, 2006: Letter from Dr. Eliza Vasquez to Alvar Hanso regarding Hanso's health. (Letter not dated.)
JUNE 16, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Apparently autistic savants at the Vik Institute are being used to work on the Valenzetti Equation.
JUNE 15, 2006: Letters taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera. Desk now empty.
JUNE 14, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. Nanotechnology discussed.
JUNE 12, 2006: Letter from Armand Zander to Thomas Mittelwerk regarding the Vik Institute. (Letter not dated.)
JUNE 8, 2006: DJ Dan podcast. He gets threatened.
JUNE 1, 2006: DJ Dan podcast
MAY 29, 2006: THF buys paper. Cape Town Inquister retracts article re Hanso involved in organ harvesting.
MAY 26, 2006: Cape Town Inquisitor has article re Hanso involved in organ harvesting.
MAY 26, 2006: DJ Dan podcast
MAY 25, 2006: Hyperion has ad in USA Today claiming “all of Troup’s claims about THF are true.”
MAY 25, 2006: Hugh McIntyre on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Says LOST is fiction.
MAY 24, 2006: Mittelwerk takes file from Verizon office.
MAY 17, 2006: Given site. “The mouthpiece” password found by Buddha. DI9FFtr751 found on Gematrian Wheel. Questionable Peter Thompson signature.
MAY 16, 2006: DJ Dan podcast
May 10, 2006: Memo from mathematician Vigi Benoffski (in Polish) saying he would be attending a Pattern Theorem Symposium in Perth, Australia, and he would be gone from June through August. He died in the fire at the Vik Institute (see June 26, 2006).
MAY 10, 2006: Hanso puts out ad denouncing “Bad Twin”.
MAY 9, 2006: Letter to Robert Miller of Hyperion Books from Hugh McIntyre to cease publishing “Bad Twin”.
MAY 6, 2006: Hanso press release regarding “disruption” in website.
MAY 5, 2006: Persephone starts hacking THF.
MAY 3, 2006: First Hanso commercial with phone number to call. Learn of current Korean off-shore project in cooperation with Widmore Corp. and Paik Heavy Industries. Mittelwork away from office for 3 weeks, McIntyre away for 2 weeks, and P. Thompson in office.
MAY 2, 2006: The Hanso Foundation website up.
MAY 2, 2006: “Bad Twin” released and reviewed.
APRIL 19, 2006: Mittelwerk visits Verizon office per employees.
APRIL 12, 2006: Retrievers of Truth forum starts.
MARCH 17 - 19, 2006: Hugh McIntyre stayed at Hotel La Dolce Vita in London with lover.
MARCH 10, 2006: Letter from Daimler-Chrysler to Peter Thompson rescinding fleet contract for Jeeps.
MARCH 3-5, 2006: Rachel Blake (user: OpenersHep) has a conversation with William (user: wtkfleet35). Tries to warn him. William doesn't want to chat unless OpenersHep tells her name. Rachel tells him her name. She says his vehicles are being used for transport by The Hanso Foundation. She has info for him on Africa. Sends him a zip file called "missing organs". Williams wants to learn more.
(Note: Some date discrepencies in the transcript.)
FEBRUARY 24, 2006: Letter to Hanso Foundation from Daimler-Chrysler for Jeep contract dated March 1, 2006 - May 31, 2006.
2006: “Bad Twin” copyrighted by Touchstone Television.
NOVEMBER 15, 2005: Memo to Thomas W. Mittelwerk from Peter Thompson stating that air transport is too risky and he is securing a fleet for transport operations.
SEPTEMBER 25, 2005: Letter to Dr. Roderick Johnson from Global Welfare Consortium signed by Peter Thompson as Acting Director.
SEPTEMBER 19, 2005: Letter from Jacques Maillot to Dr. Roderick Johnson with copy to Peter Thompson re: meningococcal disease in Tanzania.
MARCH 25, 2005: Disc and file taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera.
LATE NOVEMBER - EARLY DECEMBER, 2004: 60-65 days since plane crash per Locke talking to Desmond (end Season 2)
2005: Reporter dies in car crash covering organ harvesting story. (Per Persephone's hack on June 1, 2006.)
NOVEMBER 28, 2004: Cessation of Scottish feudalism.
SEPTEMBER 22, 2004: Oceanic Flight 815 crashes.
SEPTEMBER 16, 2004: Gary Troup interviewed (Parts 1-6) by Laird Granger. Part 7 of 9.
SEPTEMBER 13, 2004: Printout taken from Alvar Hanso’s desk per surveillance camera.
AUGUST 24, 2004: Gary Troup accepts DeVries’ invitation.
AUGUST 17, 2004: Gary Troup invited to Sydney by Christine DeVries of Walkabout Publishing.
MAY 20, 2004-JUNE 19, 2006: Three surveillance cameras set up in Alva Hanso’s carpark, desk and parlor in Copenhagen.
OCTOBER 28, 2003: Date of grainy photo of Alvar Hanso on The Hanso Foundation website. Also seen in the Swan Orientation film dated 1980.
OCTOBER 25, 2003: Air Manifest from Cape Town, So. Africa to Geneva, Switzerland showing two "donors" - Daniel Bolda and Joshua Cyccane. (Click on
OCTOBER 5, 2003: Tax form (990-PF: Return of Private Foundation) signed by Peter Thompson for the Hanso Foundation. (Click on
JANUARY 6, 2003: System Failure (per blast door map).
DECEMBER 31, 2002: Alvar Hanso last seen in Madrid.
OCTOBER 28, 2001: Northern Lights go crazy.
SEPTEMBER 18, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Roma.
AUGUST 16, 2001: System Failure (per blast door map).
JULY 12, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Geneva.
FEBRUARY 23, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Paris.
JANUARY 1, 2001: Alvar Hanso in Copenhagen.
2001: Year Helgus Antonius built.
2001: Peter Thompson worked on So. Georgia case for a nuclear power plant.
2001: Peter Thompson gets cancer and meets Alvar Hanso.
NOVEMBER 12, 2000: Alvar Hanso in Copenhagen.
JUNE 16, 2000: Alvar Hanso in London.
APRIL 8, 2000: System failure (per blast door map).
1998: Peter Thompson defended Globoco Oil as polluters of carcinogenic industrial waste.
1996: Population growth model starts in African country (link with Peter Thompson and Mugato).
1994: Peter Thompson defended Williamsburg Tobacco Co. against class action suit on behalf of cancer victims.
1992: THF forcibly ejected from The Congo.
MARCH 10, 1988: "Doubleblind Data" memo from Dr. Hackett to Dr. Kin regarding Project Sumo.
1988: Rousseau arrives on island. Others already there.
1987: Dharma Initiative funding stopped by Hanso Foundation (per Hugh McIntyre on the Jimmy Kimmel Show).
MAY 24, 1986: Houston. Jacob Vanderfield sentenced to 4 yrs. For taking bribes. Peter Thompson is his attorney? Lawrence Peck sentenced to 8 years for insider trading and 2 years for perjury and obstruction of justice. Peter Thompson is his attorney. Lawrence Peck released after serving 18 months.
Jacob Vanderfield released after serving 6 months.
1980: Orientation Psychology Test 1 of 1.
1980: Swan and Pearl Orientation films copyrighted.
1976: Last time "Scientists" seen (per Rachel Blake video).
1975: Orientation film narrated by Alvar Hanso explaining the origins of the DHARMA Initiative. (See September 8, 2006)
1970: Dharma Initiative starts.
Early 1970's: Karen DeGroot leaves Michigan to go to some island in the South Pacific -- "the flame". (Per her "grandson" on DJ Dan podcast of July 5, 2006.)
Early 1970's: Alvar Hanso saves Apollo Candy from bankruptcy.
1967: Alvar Hanso speaks at the United Nations.
1964: Apollo Candy began distributing candy bars nationwide.
1964: The Hanso Foundation is started.
1963: After the Cuban Missile Crisis, the UN hires Enrico Valenzetti to apply the Laws of Statistical Probability to predict the future of mankind. Enzo Valenzetti gives an oral presentation of his Valenzetti Equation.
1962: Apollo Candy founded by M. David Benson.
Early 1960's: Enzo Valenzetti was first to devise a proof of Fermat's last theorem. (See "the scientist" - pg 4.)
1960's: Karen DeGroot gets her Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Michigan. (Per her "grandson" during DJ Dan podcast on July 5, 2006).
1960’s: DJ Dan Lapinsky grows up in the tumultuous 60’s in Terre Haute, Indiana or Macon, Alabama.
1959: Peter Thompson born in Terre Haute, Indiana.
1952: Global Welfare Consortium established in Geneva, Switzerland.
1950's: Hanso Group purchases East Ocean Trade Group and renames it Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants.
1949: Alvar Hanso is an arm dealer to NATO for "decades".
1939(?)-1945: Alvar Hanso is an arms dealer in WWII.
1943(?)-1945(?): Enzo Valenzetti receives full Doctorate from Fibonacci State Institute of Advance Sciences at age 16. (See "the scientist" - page 1.)
OCTOBER 28, 1943: The Philadelphia Experiment
1938: M. David Benson, Founder of Apollo Candy born.
LATE 1920’S: Enzo Valenzetti born in Sardinia
1901: Joop born?
1882: Magnus Hanso sells New World Sea Traders to British East Ocean Trader Group.
1881: The Black Rock, a slave-trading vessel, disappears from a gold-mining operation in the So. India Ocean.


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